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The Junior Premier League is a player development focused league, driving innovation and ensuring every player has a premier experience. We endeavour to be the world’s best provider of competitive opportunities for development and advancement in youth football.

The Junior Premier League is now in its 13th season and from a small beginning, we are now England’s only National league for youth players from U7 to U18 and are the largest league in the country with over 30,000 players.

  1. Playing environment – we endeavour to create an environment where development comes first. Competition can be fun and players do enjoy winning but we focus our ethos on enabling players to express themselves without fear of making mistakes and without fear of the result. The important thing is we educate the coaches and parents before the season and then throughout the season to understand and support this ethos.
  2. Minimum game time rule – every player selected for a matchday squad must play at least 50% of the game.
  3. Playing over periods – this helps create a window for coaches to work with players to enhance their performance and means less shouting from the sidelines during the game, so expect to see matches over 3 periods for Undr 10s and below and 4 periods for all age groups above that.
  4. Coaching standards – all coaches working in the JPL must be a minimum of Level 2 to ensure all players receive the best chance of reaching their potential.
  5. Unrivalled player pathways – in the JPL 1 in 11 players progress into an English Professional academy. Much more progress into high-level non-professional football and college football.
  6. By being player-focused our retention rate for players staying within the game is 97%. This is because players being coached at a higher level means they develop further and therefore can remain in the game at the highest level possible. Compare this to below 60% nationally and you can see the difference the JPL makes.
  7. Showcase teams – we run teams who have the opportunity to showcase their ability in front of professional clubs regularly, they have the opportunity to attend high-level coaching camps with top coaches and get to play internationally in prestigious tournaments.
  8. Tours – players have the opportunity to attend tours to fantastic tournaments in Europe, the Middle East, and the USA,  as well as prestigious tours to the likes of Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  9. Club Standards – JPL carefully selects all clubs to ensure they are offering a great environment for players. This isn’t only in terms of coaching resources but it’s also important for players to have an environment where they feel safe to train and play and that the club has the appropriate infrastructure in place to allow them to be the best athlete they can be.
  10. Club Development – we work with clubs to help them grow, this can be as simple as advertising trials across social media but can be as advanced as working with clubs on plans of how to improve what they do and how this will attract and develop more players. Marketing support, social media development, club growth, technical plans, and training plans are all part of what we offer to our member clubs.

We work hard to be the best league in every country we work in and keep the player at the core of everything we do.

Our League in Canada is proud to announce that we have appointed Bert Lobo, Director of Football for JPL Canada.

Bert has vast experience operating soccer leagues in Canada being the former President of the Ontario Youth Soccer League (OYSL) and also the Central Soccer League in Ontario.  OYSL was widely acclaimed as being the highest-level league in Canada and provided many players for the National Team.

Bert has operated Indoor facilities, indoor leagues and tournaments for over 20 years in Ontario.  He also represents Canadian teams for their participation in the largest youth soccer tournaments in the World.
In recent years Bert has been commissioned by Caribbean Countries to assess facilities and initiate and operate various soccer events there.
The JPL is pleased to have Bert Lobo operate JPL Canada.

If your club thinks it has what it takes then email [email protected] for more details on how to get involved.